New Road Safety Plan, Reducing the Road Toll

+$128M for Saving Lives on Country Roads

6 February 2018

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The state government’s comprehensive new package of road safety measures has been put into action, in a bid to save lives on country roads, and reduce the road toll. 

In 2017, 392 people died on NSW roads, with country roads accounting for almost 70% of the states total. The new plan hopes to ensure this number only decreases into the future. 

The measures announced include:  

  • Expanding the mandatory alcohol interlock program to include all mid-range drink driving offenders. An interlock is a breath testing device fitted to a car’s ignition system. The driver must provide a negative sample for the vehicle to start.
  • Police will be given the power to issue on the spot fines and licence suspensions for low range drink driving. This ensures swift and certain penalties.
  • Amending legislation to allow camera technology to be used to enforce mobile phone offences. 11 additional heavy vehicle average speed camera locations, to address risks associated with greater truck movements.
  • $125 million for a new Saving Lives on Country Roads program, including safety barriers, tactile line markings, wide center line, upgrades of high risk curves.
  • $11 million for pedestrian and cyclist safety improvements, including traffic calming measures, pedestrian refuges and crossings to keep cyclists and walkers safe.
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