New Measures to Protect the Kimberley Region

Further travel restrictions in place

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Following a number of COVID-19 cases in the Kimberley region, further restrictions have now been put in place to stop the movement of people between towns or local government areas.

New boundaries, in line with the four local government areas are now in place and people MUST stay in their local government area.

These areas include: 
- Broome
- Derby-West Kimberley
- Wyndham-East Kimberley 
- Halls Creek 

The existing exemptions apply, such as provision of essential services or supplies, medical reasons or residents returning to their home.

Kimberley residents are urged to stay home and cease all non-essential travel and activity. Indoor or outdoor activities of more than two people should be avoided, unless exempted.

Anyone displaying symptoms should contact their local health facility immediately.

The Department of Health is working closely with important local agencies to ensure a proactive and coordinated approach.

For any questions or concern, phone the WA COVID-19 Hotline - 13 COVID 

WA Content Team

3 April 2020

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WA Content Team

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