New Map Shows How Many Cats Are Near You & You'll Either Love It Or Hate It


8 February 2018

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Whether you hate cats or absolutely adore them, you cannot deny that these precious felines are absolutely everywhere and you simply cannot escape them.

If you don't believe us then you should probably take a look at this new cap map that's emerged online.

I Know Where Your Cat has utilised the ingenious software that Google Maps has to find every cat in your neighbourhood and let know know exactly where they are and have been.

It's basically Google Maps for cats... Google Cats!


The website was created by Owen Mundy and his team at Florida State University and uses Instagram and Flickr, amongst other social media sites, to collect images that have been tagged with '#cat' and then use GPS metadata and put them in a live view of the world.

In other words, they find pictures of cats on Instagram, find out where they were taken and then put the photo on the map.

Easy as.

Photos that you have taken of your precious kitty may appear on the map and if you want it taken down, you can either delete the photo from Instagram or put your account on private.

Unfortunately, there are so many cats in the world that Owen and his team cannot delete them themselves... apparently.

Now, this map is great if you love cats, because you know where all of your fellow cat lovers are!

But if you hate cats, it'll be a great source to tell you which suburbs in your city have too many cats for your liking.

So it's a win, win situation, really!

Now, if they'd just invent a puppy map...


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