Netflix's Latest Original Movie Is The Funniest Rom-Com We've Seen In Years

'When We First Met' is terrific!

30 January 2018

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Let's face it, good romantic comedies are few and far between these days because they either end up being super cheesy or just not that funny at all.

Some romantic comedies last the test of time like A Walk To Remember, Love Actually, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Definitely, Maybe, The Holiday... we could go on, but we won't right now because this discussion could go on for YEARS...


Anyway, the point is, there haven't been that many romantic comedies that have really captured our hearts lately, but Netflix's latest original movie is about to change all that.

When We First Met is one of the streaming services first original romantic comedies and guys, it looks freakin' amazing!

The story revolves around Noah, a guy who has found 'The One', only, she's engaged to someone else.

So one night, Noah goes back to the place where he first met his lady love and goes into the same photobooth they used on that first night.

That's when things get interesting, but you would have probably already picked up on that from the trailer, right?!

From the above 3 minute-long trailer, you can already see that this movie's comedic timing is SPOT ON, so you'll be laughing your butt off very quickly and it also stars Adam Devine, aka Bumper from Pitch Perfect.


There are so many things to love about this movie already and we just want to watch it NOW!

You'll be able to watch When We First Met from February 9 onwards on Netflix, so if you need a good Valentine's day movie, this is it, folks!

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