Netflix Unveils ‘Co-Watching Contracts’ So Your Partner Doesn't Skip Ahead

We ALL know a Netflix cheat

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These days, there’s a whole new type of cheating in relationships: skipping ahead and watching new episodes of a show by yourself, when you’re supposed to be watching it together… 


The heartbreak is real, especially when your partner fakes watching something for the first time or even worse, spoils the show for you! 

Now, Netflix has decided to try and fix this injustice and get couples to stick to their streaming vows, releasing ‘Co-Watching Contracts’!

Netflix South Africa took to their Facebook page to share a post about their new ‘Co-Watching Contracts’ and already it has had thousands of comments, with people tagging their partners and outing them for the Netflix cheats they are!


Is it time you and your partner signed your very own co-watching contract so they stop skipping ahead?


Let us know your stories of someone spoiling a show for you and sign your contract today... 

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

9 August 2019

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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