Netflix Is Launching A Shuffle Button To Finally End The Late Night Scrolling

It's finally over!

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We've all been there... it's 8:30PM and you have no idea whether you should be starting a movie or trying out that new TV show you've been meaning to watch; so, you scroll indecisively through Netflix for 30 minutes, only to wind up choosing a show you've seen a million times. 

The dreaded late night scroll is even more annoying when you're trying to make an executive decision on behalf of your friends an fam, so to save needless domestics from breaking out over the telly, Netflix have gone ahead and inserted a brand new function to save you the pointless bickering. 


Introducing the 'Play Something' button, a new shuffle play function designed to pick something the streaming giants are almost certain you'll like. 

Essentially, the new 'Play Something' button will be a more carefully curated version  of the 'Because you watched..." function, supplying viewers with a suggestion list of shows and movies they haven't watched before. 

According to The Verge, you'll find the new button in a few different places throughout Netflix, including the left hand navigation bar, the tenth row on the homepage and right underneath your profile when you're logging in. 

For those who are a little skeptical of the new feature, Netflix has emphasised that the shows and movies that appear on your list, aren't randomly selected from the bottomless pit of content hosted by the streaming giants, but are carefully selected based on a very reliable algorithm that takes into account your previously viewed content. 


This list could include brand new movies or shows you've never seen, films from your watch list or or it could include shows or movies you've started but haven't quite finished. 

Netflix has been testing the function for months but have only just started to roll out the 'Play Something' button across the TV version of the app, with tests on Android devices to follow in the coming months. 

Keep your eyes peeled for that extremely helpful shuffle button which will be no doubt, appearing on your Netflix app soon! 

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Georgie Marr

30 April 2021

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Georgie Marr

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