NBN rollout continues

across the Limestone Coast

14 March 2018

Article heading image for NBN rollout continues

As the NBN rollout continues across the Limestone Coast, NBN Co has made a commitment to track service and quality improvements.


The wholesale provider has announced the release of a new customer experience progress report.


The report is aiming to document the performance of the wholesale provider in improving its service quality, co-operation with its industry partners, and progress with the network rollout.


The launh of the reports are a response to customer feedback.


Chief Customer officer for Residential connections Brad Whitcomb says they’ve been working hard to help ensure the experience of connecting and using services over the NBN access network is meeting and exceeding expectations.


The first report, released today, shows that for the month of February there was one fault reported for every 100 homes or businesses connected to the NBN, and 89% of installations are being done right the first time.

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