National Cabinet's Official Vaccination Targets Have Been Revealed

A four phase plan is in play

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has officially released the National Cabinet's vaccination targets which could potentially lead us out of the pandemic. 

According to the National Cabinet no official timeline has been set, however, Phase B is expected to kick in when 70 percent of eligible Australians are vaccinate, with Phase C kicking in at 80 percent.  

These numbers will need to be reached before the country can ease into the fourth phase of the plan. 

The Australian adult population is only currently 18 percent vaccinated. 

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Phase B will consist of less lockdowns and a dramatic ease on restrictions, although the Prime Minister has said that during the first phase, snap lockdowns may still be necessary for any random outbreaks.  

"In the first phase, the suppression phase, it is important to note that early and stringent and short lockdowns will be necessary to deal with outbreaks [of] this Delta strain," he said. 

Phase C will mean international's border cap restrictions will be abolished for returning vaccinated Australians, larger caps for international students and a removal of out-bound travel restrictions for vaccinated Aussies. 

"There will be a gradual reopening of inward and out-bound international travel with safe countries – those that are have the same sort of vaccination levels that Australia has – and proportionate quarantine and reduced requirements for fully vaccinated in-bound travellers," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

The final stage of the plan has also been revealed, with plans to treat Covid-19 like any other contagious disease, however, a vaccination target for this particular stage in the plan has not been ascertained. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said a timeline has not been associated with the plan.

"We haven’t put timelines on this because the timelines are now in the hands of all Australians together with state and territory governments and the Federal Government," he said.

"Whether that is achieved is up to all of us."

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Georgie Marr

31 July 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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