Morwell Power Station To Be Demolished

But briquette factory to be saved

6 June 2018

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Morwell Power Station is set for demolition after Heritage Victoria gave Energy Brix the official go-ahead yesterday.

The briquette factory will remain on the site, as it is expected to be used in the future, while everything else will be demolished despite the former power station being listed on the Heritage Register in February.

The question remains as to where the asbestos from the power station will go. Latrobe City Council has voted to delay making a final decision on creating a landfill at the site until next month’s meeting.

A 3D recording of the entire site will also be undertaken, and Energy Brix will be required to create a conservation management plan for the briquette factory.

Production at Morwell Power Station started in 1956 and the final boiler and turbine were shut down in September 2014.

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