More Teens Are Ditching Alcohol Than Ever Before

Is drinking 'cool' anymore?

11 January 2018

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Teens are turning their back on booze and cigarettes a new study has found.

A study of more than 41,000 Australian teens has seen incredible drops in rate of teen drinking and smoking since 1999.

In 1999, more than 70 per cent of teens surveyed had drank alcohol. By 2015 the rate dropped to an incredible 45 per cent.

The study’s author says this drop is much more than drops seen in adult populations.

They are making changes that are much more dramatic to other age groups," said Professor Toumbourou, chair in health psychology at Deakin University.

"It's a new, youth-led revolution."                                    

The study found in 1999 almost 40 per cent of students had positive attitudes towards substance abuse, while only 11 per cent felt that way in 2015.

The Age reported on the study this morning, claiming anecdotally that alcohol just isn't considered cool anymore. 

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