More Homes Protected Following Flood Barrier Training

Rest a little easier

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North Rockhampton residents will be able to rest a little easier following a successful test run of the North Rockhampton temporary flood levee.

Councillor Tony Williams, Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, said that recent works have enabled Council to move the barrier to a new location which will help protect more homes than ever.

“We first deployed the temporary flood barrier at Ellis and Rodboro Streets during the 2017 floods, and it was incredibly successful,” said Cr Williams.

“The barrier saved 400 houses from being flood affected, and was recognised as one of the top Flood Risk Management projects in the country at the Floodplain Management Australia National Conference in 2018.

“Recent works undertaken on Water Street have meant that we have been able to move and extend the temporary levee to protect an additional 97 homes in the event of a flood, which means that 97 additional households can feel more secure when we move into flood season later this year.   

“On Wednesday last week Council Officers undertook a practice set up of sections of the 420 metre levee on Water Street, inspecting the barrier and ensuring that staff are trained and ready to deploy it if needed.   

“Of course, the temporary flood levee is something we hope we don’t have to use, however, in the Rockhampton Region we understand the reality that severe weather is possible.

“As always, we encourage people to think about their own preparations for extreme weather events, however I am sure that the additional households now protected by the relocated temporary flood levee will appreciate the extra peace of mind.”  

For more information on preparing for a disaster, visit the Council’s Emergency Dashboard

Amber Lowther

2 August 2019

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Amber Lowther

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