A Word Of Warning To Parents Following Momo Panic

How to protect your kids

Ebony Reeves

4 March 2019

Ebony Reeves

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It's a terrifying thought for any parent that a cyber threat could target your kids without your knowledge. Unfortunately, that's exactly the issue Claire and Sam addressed today, in response to the 'Momo Challenge' currently circulating the web.

Despite recent evidence showing the challenge was a hoax, safety on the Internet is something that should not be taken lightly, especially when children can so easily fall victim to cyber predators. 

Detective Chief Inspector Carlene Mahoney joined the show this morning to talk about how best to protect your kids from similar online threats - 

"I think the main thing for us is to actually urge parents and carers to talk to their children and be honest with their young people and see what they're doing online."

Listen to the full chat below. 

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