Miley Cyrus Says Jimmy Fallon Was The Reason She Quit Weed

"I don’t know if you noticed."

Zoe P

16 June 2017

Zoe P

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In her latest interview, Miley Cyrus told The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, that he was one of the catalysts behind her decision to quit marijuana. 

When Jimmy asked Miley about her choice to quit smoking weed, she revealed to him, “you, without knowing it, were kind of the reason for this… Because I’ve always been very stoned on your shows. I don’t know if you noticed. 

“Remember the last time I was here, I think I was dressed like a bunny rabbit, and then, like, a cat? There’s a reason for that. I was high.” 

It seems the only person more excited for Miley’s new album than us, is the Nashville singer herself!

She went on to explain how important this new record is to her, and how she wanted to be as clear-headed as possible when promoting it. 

“I stopped smoking because to sit here and to talk about what I’m doing, I wanted to be really clear, because I’m actually the most passionate about what I’m doing with this record than I’ve been." 

She also shared a reoccurring nightmare she had where she died from smoking too much weed whilst hosting SNL.  

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We CANNOT wait for her new album - judging from 'Malibu' and 'Inspired', this is going to be a good one!

If you haven't seen Miley and Jimmy dress in disguise and create a party in the NYC subway station check it out here!

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