Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Exist & They’re Paw-fection

"I'm no ordinary doggo"

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

13 June 2019

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Albabara / Amazon

Growing up, we all wanted to be a real life Cleo, Rikki, or Emma - no ordinary girl from the deep blue underworld. 


They were the dream team of every noughties kid and our obsession with mermaids was at an all time high. 

Well, now your doggo can live out that H20 (or Ariel) dream as well, because mermaid life jackets for dogs exist!


Amazon seller Albabara is selling sparkly mermaid life jackets for when your pet pooch goes for a swim, so he/she can truly blend into his/her surroundings! 

The jacket is less than $30 and comes in small, medium, and large sizes, all with adjustable buckles so they can fit your doggo snuggly. 

The product description reads:

  • "Adjustable Velcro and Buckle--The adjustable buckle-design lifejackets create a comfortable and custom fit so you can let your pets swim without any worrying.
  • "Fashionable and Extremely Durable--Mermaid and fish skin design add much fashion element to your dogs. Easy on and off. The PVC rubber for easy handle and hang up for drying and stock.
  • "Front Floatation Design--Pets life jacket with reflective strips for visibility, thick foam for better float and neck pad for holding the pet's head better. The design concept is to put your beloved pet's safety first.
  • "Size and Colour--Orange and green color (the color will not fade even with continuous cleaning) with S, M, L and XL which will be suitable for dogs with 9-26" neck, 14-37" chest and 11-17" back length."

We can’t think of anything cuter for our puppy when we’re out and about at the beach or on the river!

Your doggo has the power if he/she just believes (and if you get them this adorable jacket, which you can hunt down here). 



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