Melbourne's Best Burgers: The Definitive List


12 December 2016

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There's no doubt that burgers are having a moment and Melbourne's love for burgers knows no bounds. 

While it seems there's a burger joint on every street corner - we've decided to put together the definitive list of joints every Melbourne burger-lover needs to try. 

Andrew’s Burgers

This South Melbourne burger bar has been a staple for years - long before burgers were de jour.

Southside Social

Yes, it's in Frankston, yes the burgers are worth the drive. Make an arvo out of it and head out of the city. 


This Footscray institution has lines out the door - and any burger connoiseur will know why - there's also a joint in the city.


Burgers served five storeys up, inside a train carriage? They've even got a mac & cheese burger on offer. Yum.

Café 51

A FoxFM fave. Save some room for the loaded fries - there's the original South Melbourne joint but they've recently opened in St Kilda. 

Yo My Goodness

This Glen Waverly instituion claims to be "arguably the best burgers in Melbourne". We suggest you put their claims to the test. They also have froyo.


These burgers are OTT and oh-so-instagrammable. Their sports-themed restaurants are in Oakleigh, Carrum and Westall. 

Grindhouse Burgers at The Collection

This cajun inspired bar has it's own burger joint which is particularly well-known for it's Smokehouse Burger. 

Truck Stop Deluxe

This west-coast inspired truckstop diner cdubbed themselves "king of the humble burger" and we can understand why. It's worth the drive to Werribee.

Thanks Albert, Mornington

If you're in Mornington, duck into this local fave on the main street. With fans all over Victoria you'd be doing yourself a favour for sure. 


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