Melbourne: The Most Lockdown City In The World

1337 new infections

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On the day Victoria reported 1337 new infections and sadly four Covid-related deaths, it also recorded another grim milestone as the most locked-down city in the world.

With 246 days under stay-at-home orders, Melbourne on Monday, took up the mantle of most lockdown down city throughout the pandemic from Buenos Aires.

At the same time, Victoria has also delivered the price tag of lockdown, a $700 million hit to the economy each week.

CEO of Australian Industry Group, Innes Willox told Nine it is a recorded no one wanted.

"Melbourne is a pretty sad, tired place at the moment, incredibly divided," he said.

"Its two sort of emotions running through the place, fear and defiance. Fear of getting Covid, fear of this never ending. Defiance is not just the protestors, but people are just over it and doing what they want to do in their own way"

- Innes Willcox

Meanwhile, just as some have been very vocal about Melbourne going the most liveable city, to the most locked down as an embarrassment, Premier Dan Andrews on Sunday defended the efforts of Victorians.

“It has been bloody tough. We didn’t choose for this Delta strain to come to us from Sydney. No one is enjoying this, but we are so close to the end.”

"Rather than reflecting on the past and playing silly political games, let’s all get vaccinated,” he said. “That is how you get the curfew off and all lockdowns off. That is how we get the community open.”

There were 30,985 doses of vaccine administered at state-run sites on Sunday.

Victoria now boasts 82 per cent of eligible people now having received one jab of a Covid vaccine, while 52.1 per cent are fully vaccinated.


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3 October 2021

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