Melbourne’s New Fairy Tale Bar Serves A Harry Potter Polyjuice Cocktail

A bar for book lovers!

22 September 2017

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This is not a drill. Melbourne has got a fairy tale themed bar called StoryVille and you are definitely going to want to visit!

StoryVille’s décor is influenced by your favourite children’s books and great works of literature, with the theming reflected on their amazing drinks list. 

Harry Potter fans sure will definitely want to try the Polyjuice cocktail – a concoction made of Gin, Ginger Liqueur, Kiwi, Basil and Lime that you get to mix up yourself. 

Their website explains, “Step right up and turn the page, choose your own adventure. But beware…this fairytale is not for the faint of heart. For once you have passed through the gateways of StoryVille, you have fallen down the rabbit hole, discovered the lion through the wardrobe, and wandered along the pathways of the enchanted forest.


“StoryVille is themed around the childhood fables and fairytales that we all know and love; all encompassed in a venue that ignites the imagination. Here your favourite stories come to life; through whimsical and unique interior design and our colourful cocktail menu, featuring James’ giant peach and even edible insects. 


“With cocktail in hand, and music from Melbourne’s best DJs and entertainers, you’ll dance through a door to find yourself in another world. Take the dark or light roads, let your soul unwind and unleash your inner mythical being in a place where anything is possible.”


StoryVille is located at 185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne. Check out their website here

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