Melbourne Primary School Scraps Mother's Day

What do you think?

8 May 2017

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A Melbourne primacy school is being criticised for ditching Mother’s Day celebrations.

Moonee Ponds West primary school has announced it would “not be holding a Mother’s Day” in a newsletter sent out last week. 

The principal said a “more inclusive” celebration would take place instead – “International Day Of Families”.

'This year we will not be holding a Mother's Day stall at Moonee Ponds West,' Jeff Lyon said in the newsletter, the Daily Mail reports. 

'I believe celebrating International Day of Families is a more inclusive way of celebrating the richness, diversity and complexity of living and loving as a family in the modern world.' 

But the decision has been slammed by some social media users.


What do YOU think? Should Mother's Day be scrapped? 

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