Melbourne In For Another Day Of Sweltering Heat

Cool change on the way.

28 January 2018

Article heading image for Melbourne In For Another Day Of Sweltering Heat

You're gonna have to wait a little bit longer for the much-anticipated cool change. 

Sweltering temperatures and high humidity is expected to continue in Victoria today, after a sweltering night.

Melbourne and Geelong experienced overnight low of 27C, Bendigo and Echuca just 39C and Mildura 41C.

A slow-moving cool change is set to bring relief later on Monday and arrive in Melbourne sometime between 3pm and 4pm.

State health commander Paul Holman warns the real danger is the heat, with the very young, elderly and chronically ill most at risk.

"They can't regulate their temperature as well, (and) a lot of people don't know that they're getting dehydrated and they get dehydrated very quickly," he told reporters on Sunday.

"The homeless, people outside, just make sure if you see someone in trouble, check to see if they're okay.

"If they need an ambulance, call triple-zero."



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