Melbourne Council Warns Against Roadside Pickups

It says they belong to council.

1 August 2017

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A Melbourne council has hit back at the age old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure, warning against picking up hard rubbish left out for collection.

Brimbank Council is urging scavengers to steer clear of material left on nature strips ahead of the area's waste collection which wraps up on August 11.

A spokesman told the Star Weekly that once left out on the street, the items become the property of council and scavengers risk a fine.

He also encouraged witnesses to take down their registration plate and dob them in.

Hard waste includes items such as mattresses, metal and tools, wood, tyres, electrical and kitchen appliances, whitegoods and carpet.

While many said it was unnecessary to slap a fine on them, most agreed some scavengers can cause headaches.

"They leave everything everywhere," said resident Paul. "My partner went out and got up one bloke and he was just throwing stuff everywhere."

Many Melburnians noted drive-by pickups are a great way to stop perfectly items from being dumped.

"We're told constantly 'recycle, recycle, we're running out of landfill sites'," added Rob, who's from Kinglake. "The trucks come along, crush it up and take it to landfill."

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