Mayor Of Livingstone Shire's Facebook Gets Hacked!

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The official Facebook page of the Mayor of Livingstone Shire has been taken over by hackers.

Andy Ireland’s profile picture was changed to an image of a young woman and his category was amended to ‘video gaming creator’.

The new extension of Mai Đình to his name and a German contact number was also added to the profile.

The account is now posting violent action clips to the page.

It is alleged that the perpetrators are in Vietnam and have hacked up to 300 million people. 

Ireland has now lost all control over the page and is unable to post anything.


His wife Helen Ireland who managed the page said in a comment on one of the Facebook posts,

“This Facebook page has been hacked by a lowlife. Would be nice if Facebook would actually do something about it. Disgusting”.

Ireland said this serves as a reminder for everyone to brush up on their knowledge of phishing and check that their passwords are secure.

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12 August 2021

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