How to Maximise 20 Days of Annual Leave in 2020

Turn 20 Days of Leave into 45!

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We all love a good holiday but lets be honest, four weeks of leave a year runs out way to fast! We've got the perfect hack to make your annual leave work a little harder so that you can sit back, relax and, well, not work.

It's just a little bit of forward planning and now you don't even have to do that cos we've got your road map ready to go. All you have to do is suck up to the boss and submit those leave requests.


January: 1 Day of Annual = 4 Day Holiday

Australia Day, has anyone ever had a better idea for a day off? In 2020, the public holiday falls on Monday the 27th so if you book just one little day of leave for Friday 24th Jan you can say hello to 4 straight days of sunshine and cocktails. 


April: 8 Days of Annual = 16 Day Holiday

Easter weekend always means two short weeks back to back, but what if it meant two straight weeks off instead? Let the boss know you'll be eating your way through the entire Cadbury factory from April 6th - 9th and recovering from the 14th - 17th for a nice little 16 day break. 

June: 4 Days of Annual = 9 Day Holiday

Thanks Queenie for giving us the day off to party in your honour, and party we shall with a nice little public holiday on Monday the 8th. But if you take June 9th - 12th off as well, you'll get to spend 9 blissful days of doing absolutely nothing....or everything. Either way, it's a good idea. 

December: 7 Days of Annual = 16 Day Holiday 

When a hundred public holidays falls within one week (yes, I know there's 3 public holidays, but hey, who's counting), you just know it's time for a break. So here's how to make the most of it. Chuck a casual 7 days of leave in the calendar from December 21st -24th and 29th - 31st and you've scored a nice 16 straight days of R n' R.  

Be warned, with all that time to live your best life, you may just be a nicer person around the office and feel like you've hardly worked all year. You're so welcome! 


Ri Prigg

16 December 2019

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Ri Prigg

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