Matty J Just Had His First Kiss On The Bachelor & It Was Magical!


Zoe P

2 August 2017

Zoe P

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Finally, after three episodes, we have witnessed Matty J’s first smooch as the Bachelor and Australia went mad.

After much speculation from the public as to who would be the first lady to steal a kiss (will it be Lisa? Elora? Michelle?), front runner Laura came up victorious!

Okay ladies, let’s discuss.

On a one-on-one date, Matty took Laura out on a boat which led to a bigger boat where they ate grapes and got chatting. 


THEN, just when you thought the show couldn't out-Bachelor itself, the pair docked to DRAW EACH OTHER, which resulted in a lot of flirtatious staring. 


We all know after Jack drew Rose in Titanic it led to the steamy car scene, so it's no surprise that after Matty and Laura found a couch, they totes KISSED! 

Correction, they kissed after staring at each other in a silent tension for five minutes, she even bit her lip. 

Take a look - 


After kissing for like another 10 minutes, Matty told the camera "That was nice". 

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