Matthew McConaughey Received Some Heartbreaking News On The Red Carpet

His reaction is heartbreaking...

2 August 2017

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There's nothing worse than hearing about a close family member or friend passing away.

In Hollywood, it can be hard to get in touch with some of its biggest stars when news like this needs to be passed on.

Between filming, public appearances and events, sometimes big news doesn't reach stars very quickly and instead, they have to hear the devastating news on camera.

This happened to Matthew McConaughey last night when he heard about the death of playwright and actor Sam Shepard.


Whilst being interviewed at the premiere of his new film Dark Tower, a reporter mentioned Sam's passing to the actor who was taken by surprise.

He had not yet heard the news. 

Sam and Matthew worked together on the indie movie Mud and became great friends.

The Oscar-winning actor was left speechless when he heard the news but eventually gave a heartfelt statement about the playwright's passing.

"I always told [director] Jeff Nichols this, look in Mud, the whole trailer for Mud could be Sam Shepard sitting in that green chair telling the boy about who Mud is.

"It would be about a two-and-a-half minute trailer, but it would have been really bada**.

"We lost one of the great ones.

"Great writer, great mind.

"All right, see you in the next one, Sam."

Oscar-winning actor Sam Shepard died at home on Tuesday due to complications of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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