Matt's Top 5 Hits From Ya Hood, Decided By You!

Who got the hits?

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Let's face it. 2020 has been a crap year, but that hasn't stopped our Matt getting out there and getting to know a whole bunch of more Perth suburbs.

Socially distanced, of course.

We went through our Facebook insights to determine which song was most popular, and here there are.

5th Most Watched: Mt Lawley

Matt teamed up with his actor mate, the great Bert LaBontè, to sing this little ditty about Matt's very own Mount Lawley. Obviously this was shot before batard Covid took hold.

4th Most Watched: Padbury

The most recent of Matt's hits, clearly it connected with the fine people of Padbury.

3rd Most Watched: Balcatta

In the grips of Covid, we went and shot this on a windy day in downtown Balcatta. What a ripper!

2nd Most Watched: Peppermint Grove

Teaming up with the Perth Symphony Orchestra, this is a David Bowie inspired belter! No other word for it.

1st Most Watched: Armadale

Bloody yes! The much maligned suburb in Perth's east gets the accolades it deserves.


23 December 2020

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