Mat Lockett Feels Like He "Let Australia Down" After Breaking Up With Alycia On 'MAFS'

He left the show last night.

Lauren Payne

14 February 2018

Lauren Payne

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Last night on Married At First Sight, Mat decided to end his marriage with Alycia because he didn't feel like he was good enough for her and had some personal things to sort out.

Yesterday, Mat also told NW magazine that he had felt anxious about the relationship from the beginning and lost six kilos within 10 days due to stress.

He was worried about breaking Alycia's heart and also disappointing the Australian public, because he knew that we would all fall in love with her when the show aired.

The plumber said he felt uncomfortable in the relationship and wasn't used to someone so "clingy".

Last night, he made the decision to leave the experiment and left Alycia in tears, with her telling the camera that she didn't understand why he put her on such a high pedestal.


Whilst speaking to The Daily Mail today, Mat decided to apologise to the Australian public for breaking up with his TV wife, because "you can't force feelings".

"I feel like I let Australia down."

He also said that he wants Alycia to be happy and find someone who truly loves her because of "what a wonderful young woman Alycia is".

Mat still thinks he has a lot to do before he'll feel comfortable in a relationship, but he hopes that one day, he'll find his happy ending.

"Although I still see myself as being a bit of a project boyfriend, I still think I'd make a really good dad.

"So, hopefully there's someone out there for me."

Has it really come to this point, that a guy genuinely looking for love has to apologise to an entire nation for leaving a relationship that just wasn't working out?

That's the danger of going on a reality TV dating show that's both loved and hated by an entire country, I guess...


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