Mass vaccine hub at Sydney’s Olympic Park now open

Homebush Hub

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Vaccination efforts ramp up in NSW with the state’s first mass vaccination centre finally opening.

The Homebush hub doors were officially opened on Monday by Premier Gladys Berejiklian as the state continues to record no new locally acquired Covid cases.

The Premier announcing at the launch that the state has already vaccinated almost 700 thousand people to date, but she also said how many jabs the hub can offer is up to supplies from Canberra.

“We do have capacity depending on the doses that we receive to make sure that we not only reach our targets but exceed them”, she said

At this point the vaccination hub at Sydney’s Olympic Park is invite only. However, residents aged between 40 and 49 can now register their interest in getting the Pfizer vaccine. When they can get their jab is yet not known.

Meantime residents across greater Sydney are still being urged to come forward and get tested as health authorities admit there still may be community transmission.

Thousands of people have already registered to get the jab over the next month at the new vaccine hub. 

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11 May 2021

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