Married At First Sight's Lauren Flaunts Her New Incredible Weight Loss

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We all fell in love with Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett earlier this year on Married At First Sight.

Yes, the ones that the show labelled as the Virgin and the one with the wild sex past.

We were kinda shocked when Matt dumped Lauren and left the experiment.

Matt has since moved on with his new girlfriend Annabel Jameson.

And we hadn’t really heard too much about Lauren… until now…

The former reality star has taken to Instagram to show off her new weight loss since the show.

She posted a before and after with the caption, “What motivates me? My trolls, my enemies, all the people who constantly try to bring me down to their level.”

Adding, “A positive mindset is the most powerful thing a human being can have. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and mistakes you’ve made in the past, learn from them and turn them into something positive. 💕

“And yes, my phone case does say “Love Yourself”, because everyone should be reminded of this daily.”


Lauren also revealed that she changed her diet and hit the gym five times a week!

She also wrote, “I was constantly bloated, filling up on carbs because I was a vegetarian and not eating the proteins that I should have.

Adding, "I have recently started reintroducing meat back into my diet. I was a vegetarian for six years for ethical reasons. But my body was craving meat ... so I gave in and since doing so I find my diet is much healthier and the protein keeps me fuller for longer.”

She looked incredible before and she looks incredible now!

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Carly Heading

8 October 2019

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Carly Heading

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