Mark Wahlberg Is Donating His $1.5M Earnings To ‘Time’s Up’ In Michelle Williams’ Name 

Williams was paid just $1K

14 January 2018

Article heading image for Mark Wahlberg Is Donating His $1.5M Earnings To ‘Time’s Up’ In Michelle Williams’ Name 

Mark Wahlberg has announced he will be donating the earnings he made for re-shooting scenes of the film All The Money in the World to the Time’s Up legal fund after stories broke reporting his co-star, Michelle Williams, was paid less than $1000. 

After multiple stories broke accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct and assault in November, Christopher Plummer was brought in to re-shoot Spacey’s scenes. 

Since then, reports have been made revealing Mark was paid $1.5 million USD to film the reshoots, whereas Michelle was paid just $1000 USD. 

Although Michelle had stated she was so grateful for the company’s decision to reshoot the film that they "could have" her salary, she apparently never knew what Mark was getting paid. 

"I said I'd be wherever they needed, whenever they needed. They could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever. Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort [to replace Spacey],” she told USA TODAY.

In December, the film's director, Ridley Scott, told the publication that exluding Christopher Plummer and the crew, all the actors did the reshoots for free. 

"The whole reshoot was — in normal terms was expensive but not as expensive as you think. Because all of them, everyone did it for nothing.

"I wouldn’t get paid, I refused to get paid.”

Now, Mark has revealed he will be donating his earnings to the Time’s Up Defence Legal Fund. 


As well as the $1.5 million, WME, the company which represents Mark, Michelle and the film’s director Ridley Scott has pledged to also donate $500,000 USD. 

“The current conversation is a reminder that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities, including the gender wage gap. 

“In recognition of the pay discrepancy on All The Money In The World reshoots, WME is donating an additional $500,000 to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name, following our $1 million pledge to the organization earlier this month. It’s crucial that this conversation continues within our community and we are committed to being part of the solution."  


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