Marie & Ron's Wedding Of The Century

96 & 100 years old!!!

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The wedding of the century happened over the weekend... and NO, we're not talking about Jess' wedding!

Marie & Ron, aged 96 and 100, tied the knot on Sunday at Cameron Park Care Community, after meeting in 2019 at an exercise class. 

Jess visited the lovebirds ahead of their big day, to deliver a beautiful bouquet to Marie, who said she loved them so much she almost cried!

Marie admits she had to fight off some of the nurses to win Ron over, but the pair are now happily MARRIED. 

Marie tells Jess that her and Ron originally wanted to go on the Indian Pacific for their honeymoon, but due to their age, their honeymoon plans have since had to change...

You'll never guess where they're honeymooning to NOW!

Listen below: 

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19 April 2021

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