Christmas Flavoured Gin Is Here And We Are Screaming

Happy Holidays!

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Margaret River Distilling Co.’s Giniversity has just released their annual Christmas gin! 

Christmas might mean eggnog and hot chocolates for our Northern Hemisphere brothers and sisters, but down under, we’re getting into the festivities with a nice cold bev and summery flavours. 

Thankfully, Giniversity has introduced their inaugural Christmas Gin, a gin blended over several sessions “with the objective being to capture in a gin the Summer feeling that is an Australian Christmas.” 

This year, the gin company have gone above and beyond with capturing not one but two Aussie summer Christmas flavours, Pink Rose and Black Truffle. You can buy either or you can opt to just get both for a discounted price!

If this sounds like something you are keen to try, there is strictly only 380 bottles made in their batch so get in quick! 

The 500ml bottle costs $99 and can be purchased here!

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Eve Swain

16 December 2019

Article by:

Eve Swain

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