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Man Spotted Flying A Jet pack

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Remember being on planes? Me neither. But try your hardest to recall what you’d see when you look out the window. Maybe the Ocean? Some beautiful landscapes? Mountains? People so small they look like ants? How about a guy 3000ft off the ground flying a jet pack?

For people on flights in and out of LAX recently, that last example was all too real as several pilots described seeing a single man, flying his very own jet pack alongside them.

"Tower, American 1997, we just passed a guy in a jet pack…" were the exact words from the pilots to their control tower back at LAX after seeing this DIY Iron Man. As more and more pilots in the area said they could see the flying man, traffic control realised this wasn’t a very late or incredibly early April Fool’s Day prank, and there was in fact an UFM (Unidentified Flying Man).

The information was passed on to the LAPD in hopes of catching this airborne acrobat, but they have not received any tips or information about the man. They however believe that a jet pack that could keep up with a commercial airline and at that height, would set the wearer back over half a million dollars.

Now I don’t want to point any fingers, but a man in Los Angeles who seemingly has knowledge of flying in singularly manned flying suits and that has access to half a million dollars… Has anyone checked in with Robert Downey Jr?

- Ned



3 September 2020

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