Man Sentenced To Death Over 'Squid Game'

Small crime, huge punishment

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In a rather unfortunate turn of events, a North Korean man has received the death sentence for distributing copies of the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

The show, which was released in September and quickly became Netflix’s most-watched series, follows a group of financially disadvantaged South Korean citizens, who take a shot at winning a fortune by competing in a series of death-riddled playground activities.

Find out how one of the show's activities has been landing Aussie kids in hospitals:

Smuggling USBs (containing the series) over the Chinese-North Korean border, the man shared the show with a number of high school students, who will also be subjected to a litany of punishments, ranging from five years of hard labour through to life imprisonment.

So why the harsh punishments?

North Korea recently passed their Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act, which effectively bans the entry and distribution of South Korean and Western media.

The Act was passed as a means of preventing the country’s population from witnessing anything that represents capitalistic ideologies, as that would counter-act their government’s totalitarian values.

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Nick Barrett

25 November 2021

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Nick Barrett

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