Man Loses Prosthetic Leg In Lake Macquarie

"It just popped off!"

30 January 2018

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A Belmont man has suffered an unfortunate accident while jet skiing in Lake Macquarie.

Toby Bird was riding on the jet ski with a mate in Swansea Channel on Monday afternoon, when his prosthetic leg simply "popped off".

His leg was amputated following a car crash five years ago.

Toby has told Hit 106.9 it's the first time he's had an issue like this with his prosthetic leg.

"I've come off [the jetski] heaps of times, but this has never happened before," Toby said.

A desperate search took place for the prosthesis, which is worth about $40,000, however there's been no sign of it.

"We got a guy to dive for two hours looking for [the leg], but it was nowhere to be seen."

Toby's hoping divers and fishermen can keep an eye out for the leg, which is believed to be in the depths of the Channel, near the airport.  

This is the location where the leg went missing.
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