Man Charged With Murdering Dayton Pregnant Mother Of Three

She was weeks away from giving birth

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Murdered pregnant, mother-of-three Janet Dweh.

A man has been charged for the murder of pregnant mother-of-three Janet Dweh who was found dead in her Dayton home. 

Police are searching the vacant Ellenbrook block belonging to the 50-year-old accused where it's reported he has allegedly hidden the weapon and other items involved in the murder. Forensics and detectives are also on-site doing grid searches with metal detectors.

The man was charged after being interrogated by police last night. 

The man had been interrogated once before, five days after Ms Dweh’s body was discovered but he was released without charges. Ms Dweh was found dead on October 4, by her distraught brother Darius, who visited her house when she failed to attend a family event. 

It’s understood she was found in her bed with several injuries, including one to her head. 

Tragically, the 36-year-old was just weeks away from giving birth to her fourth child.

Ms Dweh had fled war-torn Liberia, spending years in a Nigerian refugee camp before finally settling in Australia. She worked at an aged care home in Marangaroo and had just gone on maternity leave.

Forensics conducted a complex investigation at Janet Dweh's house, where she was murdered. Credit: The West Australian, Twitter.

Family and friends have been left heartbroken by her death. 

A university friend of Ms Dweh’s, Sheila, described Ms Dweh as “the best of the best”. 

“She was a good friend. She was taken too soon. My heart goes out to the family, especially the kids. Her kids are just amazing, they are beautiful, beautiful kids. She had a heart of gold. This is the last thing that you would think would happen to someone like this. I couldn’t believe it happened, she’s quite young," she said.

The 50-year-old man faces Midland Magistrates Court on Friday.

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22 October 2021

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