Malcom Turnbull Reveals To Tim And Jess What He Thinks Of Rockhampton

After Rookwood Weir announcement!

5 April 2018

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It's been a long journey, but the long-awaited $352m Rookwood Weir project has slowly progressed towards reality as state and federal governments gave it the extra funding it needed this week.

The government announcement it will come to the party depositing an extra $46m to the development. 


Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull visited Rockhampton to celebrate, so Tim & Jess called him up to ask all the hard hitting questions. 

Mr Turnbull explained to Tim & Jess that the project will help yield 76,000 mega litres and 42,000 will go irrigated agriculture and the rest is for infrastructure and town use. 

"It's just so good we were up there two years ago announcing our commitment to it, and now the QLD Government came on board a couple of months ago."

- Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull

The relatively low water impact scheme will essentially back up the river up so it can be used as a storage.

Breakfast show host, Tim, then hit Turnbull with the hard question, saying that Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, has been on the show a few times, and has made a point to say that the PM often doesn't visit Rocky.

But the PM disagreed and told the show what he thought of the town.

"I've been up to Rockhampton on a number of occasions and held meetings. I'm always happy to be back in Rocky. It's a beautiful city and delighted to be coming up today."

- Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull

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