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It is sometimes hard to pick the perfect place to eat with friends. Well, don’t worry because Mookie is the place you are looking for.

If you haven’t been to Mookie its best described as American burgers with a Japanese twist. I also think it’s just fun food! As we walked in, we were greeted by some super friendly staff and we knew we were in for a treat as Rhianna played in the background. There is some cool décor. The place is definitely a vibe.

Mookie Burger Decor

I was ready to order their new burger ‘The Mac Daddy’ and let me tell you I was into it. Burger and mac and cheese mixed together!? WHEW I AM IN HEAVEN. We also ordered some pretty delicious sounding sides because I love food. They included the Maple Bacon loaded fries, the Rainbow Crush for desert (in house daily made frozen custard with Oreo, froot loops, rainbow sprinkles and a rainbow strap) all washed down with a frozen Cosmo. I was ballin’.

Mookie Burger Frozen Cosmo

If you are like me, there is nothing worse when your food comes out and it looks nothing like what you’ve ordered. When I first laid eyes on the burger, it was exactly like the photo (actually even bigger). It was massive in my hand and I was ready to chow down!

That first bite was memorable. The chicken was crunchy yet super tender on the inside. The mac and cheese was like the extra gift that kept on giving after each bite. Plus, with the Mookie sauce, it just gave an extra flavour that added an element to turn this burger into something delicious. I am still trying to work out what the sauce is – it’s like this mix of aioli, soy sauce with a little bit of zing. Pairing it with the loaded fries was a perfect mix. The maple glaze on those fries creates a great crunch and is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It just worked so well.

Mookie Burger Snacks

By the time I got around to desert, I was sipping my Cosmo and ready for some sweetness. The Rainbow Crush concrete was so pretty to look at that I didn’t want to stick my spoon in. That didn’t last long because my body was ready. I tell you what, that concrete is tops. Oreo is probably the greatest cookie in the world and mixed in with all the sugary garnishes, GIVE IT TO ME.

Mookie Burger Rainbow Crush Concrete

Mookie was such a fun feed and a great place to catch up on a Friday night with friends. If you are more of a dine at home type, don’t stress as they can be found on your favourite delivery apps.  

13 August 2020

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