Make-A-Wish Foundation Has Sent A 4-Year-Old ‘Into Outer Space’

‘He can’t stop telling people’

7 February 2018

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A wannabe astronaut from Adelaide has unofficially become the “13th man on the moon” thanks to the generosity of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Dwanye Frankie yesterday was “sent to the moon” in a wish experience that was a year in the making, involving a team of Qantas pilots, engineers, cabin crew and their check-in team.

The four-year-old suffers from epilepsy and takes 16 pills a day to reduce the number of seizures.

Greeted by a Stormtrooper escort for his “rocket flight” and given his very own NASA space suit, Dwayne’s mum Rebecca said the impact of having a wish come true was immediate to her son.

“When Dwayne was last in hospital having seizures, my little man was so very cute – they were trying to put in a drip and between the seizures and through all the hurt, he was telling the nurses about going to the moon,” she said.

“Dwayne’s wish really distracts him from what he’s going through. He can’t stop telling people about it.”

A nearby hangar provided the perfect lunarscape, where Dwayne planted his hand-drawn flag on the moon and hunted for moonrocks with aliens and his favourite superheroes.

Every day, six Australian families a day receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening illness.

Last year, the number of families asking for our help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation increased by 30 per cent.

With 642 children are waiting for their wish to come true, the charity does not receive government funding – all wishes are powered by the generosity of our supporters.

You can watch a video of Dwayne sharing his wish to be an astronaut below:

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