Major Funds Donated To Griffith's Homeless Lockers!

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Griffith's Freebeez service is about to receive a massive boost as Beyond Bank is set to donate $20,000.

The donations are going towards 20 new lockers across the region to help young people that are currently living on the streets.


The lockers contain sleeping bags, self-heating meals, first aid, personal hygiene products, counselling contacts and maps to essential services. 

Deb Longhurst from Manager Crisis Accommodation, LCN YouthLinks says that this service is valuable to the community.

“This partnership is so grateful to Beyond Bank for the commitment to social issues and in particular homelessness, and the opportunity to continue to provide this valuable service.”

- Ms Deb Longhurst

The contents inside the locker change between seasons of the year so that in winter they are stocked with beanies and jumpers and in summer there are hats and sunscreen. 

If you'd like any more information about the lockers, contact Griffith City Council on 02 6962 8100.

23 August 2019

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