Major Fires At Tighes Hill, Telarah

Investigations are underway..

22 May 2018

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Separate fires have damaged buildings at Tighes Hill TAFE and near Hunter Trade College at Telarah overnight.

The fire at Tighes Hill saw a second floor administration room go up in flames at about 8:15pm.

Firefighters worked for three hours to ensure the fire didn't spread.

Classes in Building D have been disrupted today.

While the Telarah fire, which broke out at 8:20pm, caused a demountable building to suffer major damage.

"Firefighters mounted an aggressive internal attack and were successful in containing the fire to a number of offices," Fire and Rescue duty commander Paul Collis said.

"It was a very hot and difficult fire and the firefighters did an exceptional job."

The building is used by GE Power as a service centre.

Hunter Trade College says it's "open and operational."

Investigations are underway into both fires.

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