Major Cocaine Bust in NSW Derails International Drug Cartel Striking Australian Shores

A local 'sting'

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An international joint effort between NSW Police and the US Drug Enforcement Agency has thwarted a three tonne shipment of cocaine from reaching Australian shores.

The international drug cartel's well-laid plot to import the high-grade cocaine into Sydney by sea came crashing down in a two-year investigation with a snap of seized drug shipments.

In April this year, the DEA and NSW Police conducted a covert sting creating a replica of the shipments and faking the packages and boxes storing them "in the warehouse where the consignment was to be delivered", a NSW Police officer said.


The covert Strike Force Jillabenan Operation, began early last year when a cashed-up individual blew massive amount of money at Star ­Casino, inciting an investigation which revealed involvement in an international drug operation.

Eight-thirty Thursday morning, Armed Police and Polair arrested three men after a the joint sting and subsequent search warrants at homes in Mortdale, Paddington, Regents Park, Rockdale and Sans Souci.

The New South Wales Briefing

The men from Mortdale, Rockdale and a Sans Souci property have been dealt a series of charges including attempting to access and conspiracy to supply.

“Police will allege in court that both seizures (off Ecuador and Colombia) formed part of a conspiracy to supply a total of 3000kg of cocaine, including the 1770kg seized, which has a total estimated potential street value of $900 million.”

- Police statement

The men will appear before court on Friday.

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3 June 2021

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