Maitland Finally Gets A Reverse Vending Machine

It's been installed this morning..

27 February 2018

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The state government has finally installed a reverse vending machine in the Maitland area, allowing people to claim 10 cent refunds for recycling drink bottles and containers.

The machine was installed this morning at the BP service station on Glenwood Drive at Thornton.

A second machine will be installed shortly at the Home Consortium on Mustand Drive at Rutherford.

“People will be able to choose to donate their refund directly to charities, receive a docket redeemable for cash or an electronic transfer using PayPal at the machines,” Parliamentary Secretary Scot MacDonald said.

“Return and Earn is the largest litter reduction initiative to be introduced in NSW, and now the Maitland community can get involved.”

“The machines are due to come online shortly, and the EPA will provide final confirmation.”

See where your closest machine is here.

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