Magpie Narrowly Misses Toddler's Eye During Park Swoop

At Clarko Reserve in Trigg

24 September 2018

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A mother has warned parents of young children of the dangers of swooping season after a magpie attacked her son in a local park.

Doubleview toddler Max Angelucci has injuries only millimetres away from his eye and bruises after being swooped by a magpie at Clarko Reserve in Trigg over the weekend.

Max's mother Joanna, said that when they arrived at the park, her son was eager to get out of the pram after a long walk and took his hat off moments before the bird swooped.

She told The West Australian that the bird "came out of nowhere" and "swooped down and attacked him from the front of his face and flew off. 

“I ran over to him and picked him up and there was blood running down his face. It actually looked like the magpie had taken out his eye.”

A couple and an off-duty nurse came to the boy's aid and Mrs Angelucci said that although her son is okay, it could have been a lot worse.

“Although the signs are there, I think it’s important for people to understand that at this time of year they are aggressive."

Mrs Angelucci said that she won't stop going to the park, but urges other parents to keep a close eye on their small children and make sure that they're wearing hats and sunglasses for protection. 

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