'Maggie Drifting Away' Prank Bringing The LOLs For April 1st

This is why there'll be no bridge...

Carley Whittington

1 April 2019

Carley Whittington

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Council have gone fishin' with an April Fools Day prank and the bait has been taken! 

In an almost believable video posted to Facebook, Townsville City Council claimed that our beautiful Magnetic Island is on the move! 

Yep, she's apparently 'drifting away'...

It seems you've all been pretty quick though to not being tricked by the 'news'. 

  • Maybe it's hoping to move far enough to become part of NZ??
  • I’ll show my boss. It will explain why I’m always late for work
  • Hahaha this is classic, well done keeping straight faces
  • Well I must say you nearly got me but then I remembered the date
  • Hmmm, does that make Maggie its own country too??
  • Is it possible to become international so that we can get duty free?

Watch the video now and make your own mind up!





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