Magda Szubanski Breaks Down While Discussing Marriage Equality On TV

She is so brave...

Carly Heading

1 June 2017

Carly Heading

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Magda Szubanski was reduced to tears last night when she was a guest on Anh's Brush With Fame.

The actress was talking to Anh Do about marriage equality and she broke down.

Magda came out as gay in 2012 and still struggles to believe that Australia doesn’t support gay marriage.

Since coming out, Magda has been very public about her journey, but it did take her a long time to open up as she feared she wouldn’t be accepted by the media industry.

She saw what happened to Ellen DeGeneres and she feared that the same consequence of not being able to get work would happen to her, so she stayed quiet.

Magda spoke about her concerns for our country, she said, “In a country like this, where it would cost us nothing... we still don't have marriage equality… I'm not crying my tears for myself. I mean, in a sense, a bit. But I think about young people now.”

She also remembered what it was like for herself growing up, revealing she was so scared, and now she knows that we need to make a change, adding, “Even now, I have heart palpitations, seriously, when I think about it. It was a horrible, horrible realisation... I just felt nothing but disgust and shame for myself.”

“People forget now, 'cause things are so much better than they were, just how awful it was, you know, for people who were gay back then. It was diagnosed as a mental illness, it was illegal and it was conflated with pedophilia so it was the most shameful thing you could be.”

The 56-year-old also stated that when she came out as gay five-years-ago, the whole experience was “incredibly liberating”.

Anh then asked Magda, if she could tell her 12-year-old self anything today, what would it be?

The Kath and Kim star said, “I would say, ‘don't fret. It's all gonna work out alright'... And I would say, 'There will come a time when gay people will be allowed to be married... Not in this country but...' That would've changed my life.”

She is so brave for telling her story.

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