MAFS Newlyweds Aleks And Ivan Talk Wedding Drama And Dinner Party Spoilers

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Forget bridezilla... last night on Married At First Sight it was the groom throwing the tantrum following a surprise a cappella serenade from his mum.

Aleks and Ivan are the newest of newlyweds at this point in the MAFS season, and what a wedding it was! 


^ Mood after 30 seconds of MAFS talk

Amongst applying deodorant to his own feet, powder to his own thighs (to avoid chafe, obviously), and forgetting to wear socks, Mum's performance still took out "most embarrassing moment" of the big day for Ivan. 


^ Me cringing but also secretly loving the drama

In case you missed the Eurovision worthy performance, check it out here... 


This morning the couple caught up with Krysti and Bodge, and Ivan explained the breakdown that followed his mum's serenade.

But that wasn't the only awkward moment we were forced to sit through last night. There was also this incredibly cringeworthy kiss... 


But while we were [unfortunately] exposed to such an intimate moment, Aleks is less willing to dish the deets of her and Ivan's wedding night, and honestly thank goodness for that. 

But enough about the past. We're all just here living for the upcoming dinner party with the promise of an abundance of drama, and Aleks and Ivan are here to deliver the tea!

Find out who to look out for during the anticipated dinner party... 

If that's not enough MAFS for you, hear the full chat with Aleks and Ivan in the catch up below!

Ebony Reeves

10 February 2020

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