'MAFS' Groom Mat Lockett Says He Lost 6 Kilos In 10 Days Because His New Wife Was Too "Clingy"

He said she stressed him out.

13 February 2018

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Mat Lockett is one of the grooms on this season of Married At First Sight that hasn't been causing too much trouble, whilst Dean and Troy continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper holes in the eyes of Australia.

Mat married Alycia on the show and so far, has kept out of the spotlight because, well, at the moment, there's bigger fish to fry, but that still doesn't mean that the groom's not struggling.

Whilst speaking to NW, Mat revealed that he lost six kilos within 10 days because his new wife was "clingy" and she had "smothered" him.

"I was freaking out about the marriage - Alycia had her vows written for so long and I felt she was married to the experiment, not me.

"I started feeling smothered and lost six kilos in 10 days. I wasn't sleeping at all and my mind went into overdrive."


Mat explained that he started feeling pressured when he was on his honeymoon with Alycia on Fraser Island because she made him speak to her parents and friends, which he wasn't ready for.

"I'm not good with clingy people at all and it was killing me."


He told the Herald Sun that he decided to push through his fears however, because he was afraid of the backlash he'd receive from the Australian public if he broke up with Alycia.

"For me, I was really challenged because I knew Australia was going to fall in love with this one [Alycia].

"So I was scared I was going to get chased with pitchforks and stuff if I didn't fall for her."


Luckily, things seem to be improving for the couple and hopefully everything will work out.

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