MAFS’ Dean Says Davina Was "Too Intense" Trying To Be His Girlfriend

'I need to appreciate what I had'

14 March 2018

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It’s hard to believe how incredibly immersed everyone has become in this season of Married At First Sight, especially when you realise that you didn’t even KNOW any of these people just less than two months ago.

But we’ve been through the ups and downs with this bunch, including the whole Davina and Dean debacle.

Speaking with the Hit Network's Amos, Cat & Angus this morning, Dean explained what it was about Davina that made him appreciate what he had with Tracey.

“Davina was actually a little bit too intense for me. She kind of scared me off a little bit that second chat I had with her.

“She kind of got a little bit cranky with me as if I was already her boyfriend or something. I was like ‘ooh wait a minute, this girl is a little bit too intense. At that time, I kind of went ‘no, I need to appreciate what I had with Tracey'”.

Take a listen to the full chat below, where they go into pregnancy rumours, talk about what the cameras didn't show, and how Dean actually still chats to Davina! (Article continues below

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