PSA: 'MAFS' Is Coming To Your Screens Soon But Not Like We've Seen It Before

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Finally, a light at the end of the 2020 tunnel. 

Channel Nine has revealed their programming lineup which has confirmed that Married At First Sight Australia is officially coming back to our screens in 2021. 

Honestly, it is the only iso entertainment we all really needed as it's been one of Australia's favourite (and probably most questionably successful) reality TV shows.

Earlier this month, relationship expert Dr. Trisha Stratford revealed she would be leaving the show, and it has since been announced that she will be replaced by none other than Alessandra Rampolla, a certified clinical sexologist with over 20 years' experience...

"I am thrilled to be joining John and Mel in Australia's biggest social experiment," says Alessandra in a Nine statement.

"With my particular expertise, I hope to contribute to the complex mix of components that ensure marriages not only work but thrive in the long haul. One of my strongest core beliefs is that sexual expression and compatibility are vital in building, nourishing and maintaining healthy romantic relationships, and it is my pleasure to help guide our participants in balancing this important factor in their brave quest for love."

So, take that information as you will, to be honest, it's probably about time they had a sex expert on the show, cause you know, it seems like there is a bit of hanky panky going on behind the scenes.

This will be the show's EIGHTH season and will air in early 2021, so it is likely they're already filming! We can't wait to see who our new 10 couples will be, as rumour has it, they will be a totally new batch of Aussies...

In the meantime, while we wait for more news, let us know what your favourite MAFS memories were in the comments!

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16 September 2020

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