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Haven’t got a Mother’s Day present yet? Well get cracking, there’s only a few days left!

If you’re stuck on what to get, then why not support our local businesses? (It’s too late to order anything anyway!)

Here are our local Mother’s Day gift ideas that Ma is sure to love…

‘Your Celebration in a Box’ by Show Pony Events

Now this is a game changer… Show Pony Events has launched a Mother’s Day goodie box so you can celebrate your Mum in event style without having to leave home! Each box includes instructional cards on how to set up the styled table scape, an Inessential Candle, a posy from Jamison Flowers, plus you can add a gourmet hamper, sweet hamper, perfume and spa bombs. The perfect way to show Mum how much you care. Plus, contactless delivery and pick up service, of course!

 Show Pony Events

Canberra Hair & Beauty

After months of iso, meaning months of no hair appointments, I’m sure Mum has never wanted to get her hair done more – And I’m with ya! Now that they’ve re-opened, Canberra Hair & Beauty are here to make all the Mums feel even more FABULOUS. A store-bought hair voucher could be just the pampering she needs.

 Canberra Hair & Beauty

The Sweet Tooth Society

Now this will make Mums sugary dreams come true. A unique, handmade, dessert goodie box from The Sweet Tooth Society delivered with no contact right to your door! You can celebrate mum the way she deserves with a Mother’s Day dessert box with your choice of brownies, cupcakes or biscuits! And if they don’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry. There’s also cheesecake, chocolate cake, sponge roll, pumpkin cake, flan, carrot cake and more!

 The Sweet Tooth Society

Total Body Contouring

You’d think that months in iso without makeup would make my skin as soft as a baby’s toosh, but apparently NO! Your mum might be feeling the same, which leads us to the gift that never gets old… skincare!! Total Body Contouring have an amazing range of skincare products online, from your cleanser right through to your serums. Great if she’s run out of products or if she wants to buy something new!

 Total Body Contouring

Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie

You could be the type of person who buys your Mum lingerie because it’s a super cute thing you guys do. And I applaud! But if not, Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie has more to offer. Plus, they have complimentary delivery at the moment too! Chances are your Mum is due for some new, good quality bras and undies or maybe she’d love a new robe (Summer’s long gone, let’s be honest). And if you’re unsure, a voucher is the perfect solution!

 Stephanie's Boutique Lingerie

Embassy Florist

We can’t forget the universal gift of love… flowers. Embassy Florist has been a local florist for 40 years and is accepting phone and online orders for all the beautiful mums across Canberra and Queanbeyan suburbs. Tulips, Posy’s, Natives, Lily’s, they’ve got heaps on offer that’ll make mum feel loved. They deliver in contactless style and Canberra online orders even get free chocolates. SOLD!

 Embassy Florist

Whether you decide on some classic flowers or a full year of doing the washing, make sure you show Mum how much you love her this weekend. She did give up her time, love and good looks to raise you after all!

5 May 2020

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